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Grade: Nursery, Kindergarten A and B
Age Group: 3 to 6 years
Ratio: 1:8

Nanyang Zhi Hui School holds the belief that each child is inherently unique. To unlock their full potential, we have chosen play-based activities and project-based learning methods as our primary teaching tools. Beyond cultivating competence in skills and knowledge, our focus extends to the development of characters. Our dedicated educators employ a warm yet firm approach in guiding the young souls in our care. Building a warm, positive, and trusting relationship with our students is one of our primary objectives. We ensure that students feel secure expressing themselves, exploring, and learning. Above all, our overarching goal for our children is their happiness because we believe that when they are HAPPY, optimal learning and development naturally follow.

Recognizing that early childhood is a pivotal period for skills acquisition, we emphasize the importance of holistic development in our nursery and kindergarten programs. Our curriculum encompasses Spirituality, Physical, Intellectual, Creativity, Emotional, Social, Human Values, and Self-Reliance. Assessment criteria are tailored to evaluate progress in these diverse aspects. Our carefully crafted curriculum and meaningful programs are designed to provide engaging opportunities for children, ensuring a foundation for comprehensive development.

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Our daily program in Nursery and Kindergarten:
• Morning Assembly
• Silent Sitting
• Circle Time
• Play and Learn Activities
• Breakfast
• Free Play

Additional programs include:
• Moral Education
• Excursion
• Incursion
• Celebrations