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Vision & Mission

Why Nanyang Zhi Hui?

Nanyang Zhi Hui is a sanctified place where little children are initiated into the formal learning process. It is a school with a nurturing environment where the seeds of Human Values are sown in their pure and unsullied hearts. Educators are not merely teachers who transfer knowledge, but they are also the guardians and carers for our children, attending to their needs with love and care. Using educare approach, we focuses on ‘bringing out’ all the knowledge within an individual, and the process of education should result in the emergence of one’s innate goodness. We aim for our children to live based on values-infused life. Our motto, vision and mission reflect on what we stand for in the importance of Human Values in our lives, which we aspire to be and can be felt and seen throughout all aspects of our school life and climate.


The End of Education is Character


To be the model school in promoting and creating human excellence and academic distinction.


  • To lay the foundation of noble character by fostering the eternal and universal human values in all areas of the students’ development.
  • To provide holistic education - spiritual as well as secular - towards creating children with integrated personalities.
  • To offer a conducive, harmonious and sanctified place of learning.
  • To deliver values-based curriculum through 5 teaching methodologies and appropriate usage of modern technology.
  • To promote self-confidence, inspire self-sacrifice, encourage self-satisfaction and guide towards self-actualization. 

Distinctive Features

  • Focus on character development and academic excellence via a value-infused educational system.
  • Embrace parents and teachers as ‘Partners in Education’.
  • Dedication in continuous learning for our educators.
  • International exposure and networking with foreign educational institutions.
  • One-stop learning school with well-rounded tri-lingual subjects (Indonesian, Mandarin, and English).
  • Wide range of extracurricular activities to explore, experience, and learn the different aspects of non-academic skills.
  • Holistic approach to a child development, catering to the eight facets of Areas of Development (AOD) – Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Creative, Emotional, Social, Human Values, and Self Reliance.