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Grade: Nursery, Kindergarten A and B
Age Group: 3 to 6 years
Ratio: 1:8

Nanyang Zhi Hui believes that each child is unique. In order to develop our children to their full potential, we have used the play-based learning activities as a tool of teaching. Besides being competent in their skills and knowledge, we also focus on the development of their character. Our educators are dedicated teachers who implement warm yet firm approach in guiding our little souls. One of our teacher objectives is to build a warm, positive and trusting relationship with our students. We make sure that students feel safe to express themselves, to explore and to learn. On top of it our main objectives for our children is for them to be HAPPY children; because when they are happy, learning and developing optimally will be of no obstructions.

We are aware that early childhood is the golden moment for our children to learn new skills. Often if these skills are not learnt during early childhood, they will be lost or hard to learn in later years. Therefore, our nursery and kindergarten do not focus only on the development of our children’s intellectual, but also their holistic development. This includes the aspects of Spirituality, Physical, Intellectual, Creativity, Emotional, Social, Human Values and Self-Reliance, with which our assessment will be based on. To achieve this, we have carefully tailored our curriculum and programs that are diverse and meaningful for children to engage in.

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Our daily program in Nursery and Kindergarten:
• Morning Assembly & Brain Gym
• Silent Sitting
• Circle Time
• Play and Learn Activities
• Breakfast
• Free Play

Additional programs include:
• Moral Education
• Excursion
• Incursion
• Celebrations