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Our Values

TRUTH represents our true self, who we are as a person, not limited only to our name, gender or race, but on the deeper level such as “who am I?”, “what is the meaning of life?”, “what is my purpose of life?”, or “where did I come from?”.  “who” we are remains the same even if we end up losing part of our body. In other words, truth can be referred to our ‘soul’ or ‘conscience'.

RIGHT CONDUCT is the ‘truth’ into action. Once we understand our truth, the next step is how we put it in to action. As discussed above, the core values are innate, it is the expression of the value which differing from one to another. In ‘right conduct’, that expression of the value is what it is referred to. For example, if I were a mother (truth), I would conduct as how a mother is, whose action is to take care of my child (right conduct), not affected by my other role as an employee. The truth here will remain the same (as a mother), but maybe the mother’s action in taking care of the child would be different, which is the expression of value is different. To understand right conduct, a person need to be able to engage in present moment, to be and do the right thing at the right time.

PEACE represents the contentment we have within ourselves. Once we are able to conduct righteously in a present moment as we are connected with our consciousness, peace will emerge. In the other words, truth combined with right conduct will create peace. For example when I have to be a mother in front of my child, I should not be thinking of the due date I have for my work, as it would affect my presence with my child. When a person is conflicted among the roles he or she has, they would not be able to feel content and calm. Hence, peace cannot be attained.

LOVE refers to the feeling that should emerge as the drive of whatever we are doing. Love here is not limited to the emotion that we have for family, partner, friends, etc. It refers to the energy that flows from our pure heart that is unconditional, giving and unselfish. With the love energy emerge within us, there will be no hatred or any form of negativity. With the love as our drive, whatever we see, do and feel will be only expression of our pure emotion.

NON-VIOLENCE refers to non-violating action. Non-violence is the culmination of all the values above, when a person is filled with peace and love, together with his conscience (truth), he will not act violently (non-violence) toward others or themselves. The way to do this is by being and doing ‘enough’ in all aspects. For example, when eating, people will feel sick when they overeat, but they will feel powerless when they do not eat. Both of these actions are violating themselves and their health, which means they are not practicing non-violence. In order to practice non-violence in this case, the person should eat just ‘enough’, not too much or too little, where they can perform well with the food they eat. This also can be implemented in others aspect such as the usage of electricity, water, words, etc.

Additionally, if the conscious mind (Head) refers the possible action to the 'inner self' (Heart), the resultant action will be the right action (Hands)Therefore, the sync of Head, Heart and Hands (3H) should be the base of all of our speech and action.