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Principal Message

We are currently living in the global age where our value system and human characters have been compromised; and that is why we at Nanyang Zhi Hui (NZH) believe that a school has to be a place of human transformation - Intellectually, Mentally and Spiritually.

NZH, established in 2003, uses National and International curriculum, which does not solely focus on enhancing our students’ intellectual development and knowledge for technology, but also emphasizing on the importance of Education in Human Values (EHV) in their lives.

Realizing our mission of Human Excellence , each student will be educated not only in general knowledge and current events, but will also be guided and encouraged in a supportive and conducive environment, to help them reach their full potentials and develop respectable attitudes.

With the presence of Human Values, our students will be able to have both respectable occupations in this modern era, and at the same time to contribute positively to our world.

Understanding of living in a world full of diversity, we also strive to offer variability in our programs to ensure that our students are exposed to such a world. This experience will develop their knowledge, awareness, acceptance, social skills, creativity and personal excellence.

Various extra-curricular activities such as arts, sports, drama, music, marching band, modern & traditional dance, field trips & outbound learning are provided to help students to achieve those goals. Our aim is for each students to develop and to enhance their self-confidence, self-esteem, commitment to personal excellence, appreciation to diversity, and a sense of responsibility as a citizen of the world.

With the loving care of our teachers and staff members, and being in a nurturing environment, the students are encouraged and at the same time challenged to become successful professionals, respectable and strong individuals with characters, as well as valuable and brilliant gems in their parent’s eyes.

We firmly believe that the future of our nation and the prosperity of the world are in the hands of our children. Therefore, it is our utmost mission to sow and cultivate these seeds of human values and excellence, so the students can be the best version of themselves.

Ir. Lindawaty Roesli, M.Pd.